Even during a crisis SARRC ensures that used oil, filters, antifreeze and their plastic containers areproperly managed, returned to a useful state, and kept out of landfills and the environment. In 2020, our industry-led stewardship program still facilitated the collection of 15,669,469 litres of used oil, 1,615,120 filters, 272,158 litres of used antifreeze and 419,569 kilograms of plastic containers.
There is
nothing more
resilient than
the people
and the
wildlife of
Even one of the toughest animals on the Prairies has
had it rough. Shrinking habitats and pressures on its
food source have taken its toll.
But when Saskatchewan recycles used oil, filters and
antifreeze you keep them away from a dump pile and
their smörgasbord.
We've got one of the best recycling networks in the
country, and we've been using it!

There are over 70 identified species of fish that call the waterways, ponds and lakes home here in Saskatchewan. Sport fishermen can verify the toughness of some of the great sport fish we have here. Those big Walleye and the prehistorically huge Pike of the Northern Lakes still remain some of our most resilient species.
But even they are susceptible to the pollution of careless dumping of used oil and antifreeze. A shame really, considering we have over 150 easy-to-use collection points across Saskatchewan.