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The private sector recycling industry must be commended for continuing to aggressively collect and

process used oil and antifreeze materials in 2016 as new product sales dropped and commodity prices

remained weak.

Antifreeze was added to the SARRC program April 1, 2014 with 168,724 litres of used antifreeze

collected in the last three quarters of 2014. In 2015, 220,541 litres of used antifreeze were collected,

while in 2016 collections increased 39% to 307,527 litres. Antifreeze available for collection in 2016

at 2.24 million litres dropped 9% from 2015. With the increase in collections in 2016 the antifreeze

recycling rate increased from 9% in 2015 to 14% in 2016.

Containers collected decreased 7% from 0.46 million kilograms in 2015 to 0.43 million kilograms in

2016. However, the total weight of used oil, antifreeze and DEF containers available for collection

decreased 5% from 2015 to 1.01 million kilograms in 2016. This resulted in the 2016 container recycling

rate holding steady at 43%, the same as 2015. In previous years SARRC commissioned Pulse Research

Ltd. to conduct an extensive plastic oil container study, finding that Saskatchewan farmers annually

re-use about 80% of their 20-litre oil pails, resulting in a 24% province-wide container re-use rate.

With annual recycling rates for used oil/antifreeze/DEF containers at 43%, the re-use/recycling rate

was 67% in 2016.

Used oil filters collected in 2016 at 1.99 million filters were down 5.1% from 2015. However, the amount

of oil filters available for collection decreased 7.1% from 2015 to 2.48 million in 2016, resulting in the

filter recycling rate increasing from 78% in 2015 to 80% in 2016.

Used oil collected in 2016 at 18.33 million litres was down 3.8% from 2015. The amount of used oil

available for collection in 2016 at 26.64 million litres decreased 3.6% from 2015 resulting in the

collection rate remaining at 69%, the same as 2015.

SARRC supports a province-wide network of thirty-four Used Oil, Filter, Antifreeze and Container

EcoCentres for farmers and small business operators and Do-it-Yourselfers (DIYs) who change their

own oil and antifreeze and wish to safely dispose of their used oil, oil & diesel fuel filters, antifreeze

and oil/antifreeze/DEF containers, Owned and operated by non-profits, municipalities and independent

businesses, the thirty-four EcoCentres, cleaned and re-imaged in 2015, were repaired and upgraded in

2016 under the second phase of the EcoCentre Capital Improvement Project.

Our world, country and province will no doubt continue to face economic and environmental challenges

in 2017. However, neither we nor Mother Nature will ever stop thanking our 200 Members, SARRC

Board and staff, private sector collectors and processors, municipal, non-profit and private EcoCentre

partners, environmental groups and all Saskatchewanians for Making Every Drop Count!

Rod Rosenfelt

Phil Wrubleski


Executive Director

with recycling program!”