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“Make no mistake, our world is watching” is our

2016 annual report theme reflecting our current

world of “instant media”.

The SARRC world is made up of varied

audiences or stakeholders - the recycling

public, individuals and businesses; sellers

of oil and antifreeze materials; collection

points and EcoCentre communities; private

sector collectors/processors; provincial

and municipal governments; affiliated

recycling associations; media.

On the business side of the program,

SARRC is participating with the other six

Canadian UOMAs (BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec,

New Brunswick and PEI) to update the electronic payment

system by which members remit the Environmental Handling

Charges (EHC). The Association is also partnered with

the UOMAs to implement an electronic claims reporting

system for collectors/processors to speed up

Return Incentive (RI) payments.

Communicating across

this wide-spectrum of

public recycling interest

can be challenging. That

is why you will see in the

following pages SARRC’s

diverse marketing effort

branding and linking these

efforts, both visually and

emotionally to


Nature Thanks You.

YouTube has over a billion

users that can surf hundreds

of millions of hours of content.

“SARRC supports Safe

Drinking Water school

program” video is one of

several YouTube videos

produced and posted in 2016.

tching & Visiting”