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I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the

Saskatchewan Association for Resource Recovery Corp

(SARRC) for their accomplishments not just this most recent

year, but since the program began in 1997.

The work of SARRC has been extremely valuable in

maintaining the beauty of Saskatchewan. Since its inception,

5.7 million kilograms of oil, antifreeze and diesel exhaust

fluid containers, almost 36 million oil filters, and nearly

700,000 litres of used antifreeze has been recovered and

recycled in Saskatchewan.

Thanks to SARRC, these products have been kept safely out

of our landfills and our environment. In addition, SARRC

continues to promote its programs effectively throughout

the province and enhance its recovery and recycling efforts,

“Making Every Drop Count.”

As you report on your 2016 accomplishments, I express my

appreciation on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan and look

forward to celebrating many more milestones in successful oil,

filter, antifreeze and container recycling in our province.

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The Honourable Scott Moe

Minister of Environment

“Our World is W

SARRC 2016 Annual Report