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thanks you.”





Some claim that our world is

different today than it was yesterday. SARRC’s yesterday

is twenty-one years ago beginning with its incorporation

February 12, 1996. Our view of the world today is

different in many respects from what it was then.

The way we communicate with our varied audiences

has been shaped dramatically by technological change.

The world’s first website, which described the World

Wide Web project, was published in December 1990.

Around the same time in the early 1990’s the model

of the industry-led stewardship program in western

Canada on which SARRC is based was being debated

and developed. For details on the development of the

program, visit,

click on the

icon for the 15 minute video, “How the West and East

were One.”

Google was founded in 1998. Facebook came into

being in 2004, followed by Twitter in 2006.

Much has changed since the early 1990’s but then

again much remains the same.

Used oil and antifreeze materials remain potentially

hazardous waste if not recovered, recycled and

reused properly.

SARRC exists to facilitate the recycling of used

oil and antifreeze, used oil/antifreeze/DEF

containers and used oil filters. All these

materials can be recycled and reused.

And ultimately, to whom is SARRC responsible?

Why Mother Nature, of course. And she thanks

you for helping to Make Every Drop Count. You’ll

learn more about this successful program in the

following pages.

Worldwide, there is an estimated

1 billion different websites.

However, most people never

search more than 96 domains in

any given month. The real trick

is trying to be one of those

favourite 96.